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Currículo de Religión en la escuela en la España del siglo XXI

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Top 10 Sex Fantasies for Men and Women

What's He Thinking?
Male Sexual Fantasies
In Western societies, males more often use sexually explicit material as a part of fantasy, whereas females are more likely to rely upon romance stories. Females are more likely to prefer erotica with a "softer," more imaginative side rather than the "harder," more explicit forms preferred by many males.
The male fantasy world relies heavily upon novel experiences filled with culturally-defined beautiful women who are always sexually available and free. Pornographic magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse, as well as a wide array of so-called harder publications (because they depict explicit sex acts), attempt to capitalize upon such fantasies.
1. Fantasies About Your Current Partner
No kidding. This is the number one sex fantasy for most men: things you've done, or would like to do, to your partner. (It's her top fantasy too, by the way.) Why? Because available flesh-and-blood is often more of a turn-on than the unattainable.
2. Having Sex with a Woman Other Than Your Partner
Often, she's a past lover, a friend of your partner, perhaps a celebrity. The psychology behind this one isn't too difficult: lots of people long to have sex with someone new and fantasy is a great way of indulging this longing without losing your partner in the process.
3. Giving or Receiving Oral Sex
This is near the top of the list for both sexes. Fantasy fellatio has one vital ingredient: the woman doesn't do it to give pleasure. She does it to get pleasure.
Fantasies about giving her oral sex are common as well. Many women are more obviously turned-on by oral sex than intercourse and you, as the ultimate pleasure-giver, want to drive her crazy.

4. Sex with Two or More Women
If having sex with one woman feels good, having sex with two must double the fun. Throw in some lesbian lovemaking and this one sends most of you drifting off into la-la land. In your fantasy, you're superstud: capable of bringing both women intense multiple orgasms. However, studies show the vast majority of men don't want (and actually couldn't cope with) such sexual demands in real life.
5. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
Few people would be able to keep themselves from watching a couple having sex if they were guaranteed not to get caught. The reason that voyeurism is a popular fantasy for both men and women is that sex is private and mostly hidden. Sure, we've seen couples do it on video, but it's rare we get to see the real thing.

Exhibitionistic fantasies often revolve around others admiring you. You put on a fine show (of course) and the voyeur is usually envious of your sexual skills, desperately wishing they were the person you were making love to. It's an ego-boosting fantasy.
6. Having Your Partner Masturbate for You
Watching your partner "play with herself" is up there on most men's wish lists, possibly because it reassures them that women are as into sex as they are. Also, the related fantasy of spying on her while she masturbates appeals to your curious side: what is she really up to when you're not around?
7. Anal Sex
It doesn't mean you've got "gay tendencies." The anus is undeniably an erotic zone, especially for men. A lot of you would love to have her penetrate you with a finger--or want to have anal intercourse with her--but worry she'll think you're gay if you suggest it. So you fantasize instead.
8. Bondage and S & M
Being tied up is often a favorite female role, tying someone up is often a favorite male role--which works out rather nicely if you play this one out in real life! Bondage fantasies are usually about power--having it or relinquishing it, and both sides have their appeal. Bondage usually comes to mind because it's the subject of many scenes in erotic books and movies.
Sadomasochistic (S and M) fantasies are less common but certainly not rare. Sadism is getting off on inflicting pain on someone else; masochism is getting off on someone hurting you. Most mild S and M fantasies revolve around whipping and spanking. Pleasure and pain are inextricably linked in the minds of some people and, in reality, spanking increases blood flow to the genital area (and therefore turns us on biologically). Masochistic fantasies sometimes stem from subconsciously thinking sex is bad and that you need to be punished for liking it.
9. Sexual Ravaging
Contrary to what most women believe, when you fantasize about forcing a woman to have sex with you it's more about overpowering her through your amazing sexual technique and charisma than violence. She starts off saying "no" then can't help but say "yes," given the superhunk that you are.
Conversely, if she's forcing you to have sex, you're indulging in a submissive sexual role quite unlike the one you probably have in real life.
10. Sex with Another Man
Same-sex fantasies or threesome fantasies involving another man are extremely common and don't mean you've got a secret wish to be gay. It just means you're sexually curious.

Sexual Fantasy is a normal, healthy part of sex for men and women. In fact, many specialists claim that a rich fantasy life leads to better sex.
One of the attractions of fantasy lovers -- even when your fantasy lover is actually your current partner, as often happens -- is that they're right beside you, and they know just what to do to make you feel good. Another benefit is that you can enjoy fantasy sex with someone other than your partner without repercussions, because it occurs solely in your mind.
Fantasy gives you an outlet for all of the wild, lustful things that you've always wanted to do. You might be really turned on, for example, by the thought of doing it with your spouse in a convertible in the mall parking lot on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Chances are you're not going to try this one out for real, but you can go full speed ahead in your fantasies.

What's She Thinking?
1. Fantasizing About Your Current Partner
As with men, this is the number one sex fantasy for most women: things you've done, or would like to do, to your partner. It seems that the available flesh-and-blood is often more of a turn-on than the unattainable.
2. Sex with a Man Other Than Your Partner
For women, this is most often a past lover. Some women feel adulterous or guilty reliving a particularly hot session from the past: don't. It's normal.
If it's someone new you're fantasizing about, it's the old want-what-you-can't-have-syndrome. Being involved with a partner doesn't mean all other desirable men go away. So those adulterous feelings have to be dealt with in one way or another. The safest outlet of all is our imagination--and it's remarkably fertile.
3. Sex with Another Woman
We're more likely to have same-sex fantasies than he is, probably because it's seen as more acceptable. We're also far less likely to get hung up on homophobic fears that we're gay. The woman featured isn't usually someone we know but she always knows exactly what to do to turn us on because she's got what we've got.
4. Something You've Never Tried Before
These fantasies can include being tied up, threesomes, group sex, and watching others, among other things. While many women are outrageously experimental and imaginative in their fantasies, they often don't admit a desire for anything "kinky" to a partner for fear of being judged. Playing out the scenario in your head is the next best thing. For those who are open, fantasizing is also a form of rehearsal, upping the anticipation of experiencing it in reality.
5. Receiving Oral Sex
It's the quickest, most effective (sometimes the only) way we orgasm, so it's not surprising it features heavily in our fantasies. The guy of our dreams doesn't just like giving oral sex, he's so enthusiastic he'd actually like to climb inside and stay there for days. Often he's a sex slave: tall, drop-dead gorgeous, and musclebound.
6. Fantasies Involving Romantic Sex
This is the one most women readily admit to, probably because it's the most acceptable. Romantic fantasies are sex with emotional attachment and most read like a Harlequin plot: gorgeous man, incapable of loving one woman, meets us, is knocked over by our looks and headstrong personality, then ravishes us on a moonlit beach.
7. Sexual Ravaging
"Sexual ravaging" is a very common female fantasy. Passionate and forceful but rarely violent and painful, the "ravagings" in our head differ dramatically because we're always in control.
On the opposite end of the spectrum are fantasies where we force him to have sex with us, often in typically male-dominated situations like a courtroom or a business meeting. Being the aggressor or having physical power over him appeals because in real life it's usually the opposite.
8. Being Found Irresistible by a Man
If you're so gorgeous/sexy/long-legged/stunning he can't help himself, you're absolved of responsibility once more. This is a favorite with women who still need permission to let go, but it's also a pleasant daydream for most of us. After all, who wouldn't want to be so beautiful they have men drooling at their feet.
9. Working as a Prostitute or Stripper
This one's also popular with women who may be inhibited sexually in real life. In the fantasy, they indulge their true sexual selves under the guise of being paid for it. For men to pay to have sex with you is also reassurance that you're attractive: you have something men want so badly, that they'll hand over cash for it.
Stripping is a more common variation on this theme: you tease the men mercilessly, and they're popping their zippers they're so turned-on by your body.
10. Sex with a Stranger
In reality, this sort of sex usually works out rather badly. In our fantasies, it's tremendously rewarding. This is sex for the sake of sex and the reward is pure, unadulterated pleasure. You can be as wicked as you like because you'll never see him again.
Sex with a "faceless" man is a variation that's even more of a turn-on. He comes up behind you, you feel rather than see him, and you can experience the sensations of sex without the intimacy of eye contact.

Sexual Fantasies & Redhair Women

Fantasies: From the time we are very young fantasy is a very important part of everyone’s life. It is an opportunity to try things out in the privacy of our imagination, a form of rehearsal far away from prying ears and eyes. Nothing illustrates this better than sexual fantasy, which is considered to be a healthy, normal way of becoming sexually aroused and exploring our own sexuality. It is both fun and functional but for some very frightening. The stigma attached to what some feel are dirty thoughts, ideas and feelings that they should not have if they are ‘normal’, causes fear and anxiety. Many feel ashamed at these thoughts. The guilt that they generate can often cause problems in a relationship especially where the fantasy is seen as a betrayal of a lover or partner’s trust. Experts agree that this is not the way to handle our fantasies. We should enjoy them and explore with them and above all realise that the brain is the most important sexual organ in our body. It dictates the way we feel and is at the core of our emotions. It is actually the brain which turns us on or off and directs all our sexual urges. The truth about many sexual fantasies is that given the chance to act on them, most people would run a mile. Sexual fantasies can take many forms and gives us a free rein to ‘try out’ situations that we would never consider in real life. In fact, fantasy is a form of pleasurable day dreaming that we can control; it is completely safe; does not hurt anyone and fantasising about something does not mean that we will actually do it. It certainly should not cause us to feel guilty or perverted. We need to accept fantasy and enjoy it as a part of our sexual being. The sexual fantasies of men and women do differ, although both may use fantasy while masturbating or making love. Common sexual fantasies in men involve making love to a virgin, being part of a threesome, watching people have sex and being overpowered sexually by one or more women. Women often fantasise about making love to a complete stranger, taking part in-group sex, making love to another woman and being a sex slave to a celebrity. Of course, there are many more and where there is some kind of personality disorder or dysfunction in a man or a woman, fantasies may become violent and bizarre and be a symptom of other underlying problems. Fantasy is quite normal. It is your private domain. Enjoy your imagination and do not feel guilty.

10 Fantasías sexuales de hombres - Ten hetero male sexual fantasies

1.Lencería insinuante - Insinuating lingerie underwear

2.La mujer complaciente y sumisa

3.Undressing voyeur - Visión subrepticia del cambio de ropa

4.Dormida - Slepping beauty

5.Interacial ethnic - Pareja mixta

6. Strip tease El arte de quitarse la ropa

7.Hotel adultery

8. Nudist beach

9.Home intimacy - Convivencia íntima

10. Seducting  funny lady - Tía buena encantadora y seductora

Sexual male fantasies: Hotel adultery, trio, Eve in Eden, breast

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Daniel Garcia nació en Rosario, Argentina, en 1958

Daniel Garcia nació en Rosario, Argentina, en 1958

1/02/12 ESCENAS

Nocturno, de Daniel García

Daniel García cambió de perfil. Abandonó la pintura de pin-ups, sex dolls y enfermeras picaronas por mujeres desnudas que se contorsionan como gatos sobre las sábanas. Su nueva serie de cuadros con chicas de cachas rozagantes es una puesta a punto de los signos vitales de la pintura. Los pliegues de las telas y la luz sobre los cuerpos, que parecen realizados por el más exquisito pintor manierista, contrastan con una mano pintada sin esmero, espaldas arqueadas que esconden costillas y una piel teñida de manchas. A pesar del dominio de la técnica, mediante esta contraposición García evidencia que no busca una imagen cercana al hiperrealismo, sino que investiga los aspectos reflexivos del lenguaje, a través de una pintura que no persigue la forma sino a las ideas que la sostienen. Los cuadros muestran el rasqueteado, pintado y despintado. Al revés del palimpsesto, el artista rosarino exhibe los secretos escondidos bajo la superficie acabada. En estas piezas el tiempo se cuantifica en dos direcciones: la imagen final que se actualiza con la mirada del espectador, y el tiempo del proceso de la pintura. En tercer lugar, están atravesadas por el pasado porque a modo de homenaje o robo, los trabajos nacen de citas y referencias a otros pintores, en este caso es Lucian Freud.

A pesar del dominio de la técnica, mediante esta contraposición García evidencia que no busca una imagen cercana al hiperrealismo, sino que investiga los aspectos reflexivos del lenguaje, a través de una pintura que no persigue la forma sino a las ideas que la sostienen.

Así como García recurre a la clásica figura del desnudo femenino, también apela a la tipología del paisaje con otros tres cuadros de noches estrelladas. Ambas series son de gran formato. Los cielos, cuya referencia son las celestografías de Strindberg, fueron realizados a partir de un software que permitió al artista reproducir noches de distintos momentos de la historia. Esta estrategia refuerza la idea de atemporalidad, expresada por las mujeres pintadas que podrían ser contemporáneas y de épocas pasadas, abriéndose así un cuarto vector temporal. Enmarcados con vidrio, la oscuridad de los cielos refleja a los desnudos. El visitante queda atrapado entre imágenes como en un cuarto, de esos que suelen visitarse de noche.
Contra las modas en la pintura (de colores pasteles y manchas fluorescentes, de árboles o liebres), García hace una pintura que no quiere dejar de ser pintura. Inagotable, explora las posibilidades del lenguaje, pinta con lápiz labial y elige canciones de los Ramones o frases en latín para nombrar sus piezas. Así, desafía con brío a cualquiera que se atreva a decir que la pintura está agotada. / Lara Marmor

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Tunick Spencer Nude human multiphoto

Spencer Tunick (born January 1, 1967) is an American artist. He is best known for his installations that feature large numbers of nude people posed in artistic formations. These installations are often situated in urban locations throughout the world, although he has also has done some “Beyond The City” woodland and beach installations and still does individuals and small groups occasionally. Tunick is the subject of three HBO documentaries, Naked States, Naked World, and Positively Naked. His models are unpaid volunteers who receive a limited edition photo as compensation.
Tunick was born in the United States in Middletown, Orange County, New York.
In 1986, he visited London, where he took photographs of a nude at a bus stop and of scores of nudes in Alleyn’s School’s Lower School Hall in Dulwich, Southwark. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Emerson College in 1988.
In 1992, Tunick began documenting live nudes in public locations in New York through video and photographs. His early works from this period focus more on a single nude individual or on small groups of nudes. These works are much more intimate images than the massive installations for which he is now known. By 1994 Tunick had organized and photographed over 65 temporary site related installations in the United States and abroad. Since then, he has taken his celebration of the nude form internationally, and has taken photos in cities that include Cork, Dublin, Bruges, Buenos Aires, Buffalo, Lisbon, London, Lyon, Melbourne, Montreal, Rome, San Sebastián, São Paulo, Caracas, Newcastle/Gateshead, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Santiago, Mexico City, Sydney and Amsterdam. In August 1997, Tunick photographed a large group of nudes at The Great Went, a festival hosted by Phish in Limestone, Maine. [Wikipedia]

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